About me


My entrance into the world of photo came by accident; I was dropped onto the newspaper staff in high school and was somehow handed the title of designer/photographer, despite never having touched either craft before. I took the job and ran with it, and in the process found my love for design, and tinkering in photoshop.
I bought my first DSLR camera right out of high school for for capturing my travels. I found myself drawn to the open road, and my little 60D was the perfect companion.

Let down by ventures into other mediums; I came to the realization that I had always been happy doing photography and tinkering in photoshop. I found a great muse being able to contort and manipulate these millions of pixels into something visually pleasing. The countless hours I had spent clicking away at photoshop files had finally molded into something I could call an art form.

But in a sense, I’ve never really considered myself an artist, and channeling my deepest, darkest emotions into my art isn’t something you’ll ever see me do. Instead, I’m an adapter; give me a sketch, a quote, a character, or a storyline, and I’ll spin it into my own  high-stylized creation. I find inspiration from anything from pop culture I can put my own twist on; whether it’s a movie frame, comic book character, or even the legend of a greek god.

Have an idea? Contact me to start discussing possible projects.